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Companies large and small across all industries rely on FRFG Consulting as their trusted technology advisor. At FRFG, we handle everything from sourcing suppliers to engineering solutions and project management, ensuring desired business outcomes exceed expectations.

What’s your next IT project?

Are you investing in technologies that will inevitably increase bandwidth?

Are you adding applications utilizing a new email client, adding a CRM, increasing collaboration tools, replacing legacy on-premise hardware?

How many systems, and services do you use and how many vendors are you managing? Do you have a good handle on all of your technology spend/bills?

Is your IT department overworked, wish they were focused on other more strategic items?




Belmar, NJ


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Products and Services

  • Application Management

  • Managed

  • AWS and Azure

  • Colocation

  • Data Center

  • Contact Centers (Enterprise, Help Desk)

  • Dedicated Server

  • Hosting

  • DRaaS

  • Hosted PBX

  • Public/ Private/

  • Hybrid

  • SaaS

  • Applications

  • Security

  • Storage

  • UCaaS



Products and Services

  • Conferencing and Collaboration

  • Contact Centers (Enterprise, Help Desk)

  • Hosted PBX

  • Hosted VoIP

  • Local Voice

  • Services

  • Long Distance and Toll-Free

  • SIP Services

  • Wireless

  • UCaaS



  • Broadband

  • SD-WAN

  • Cloud Connect

  • DIA

  • Global WAN

  • Managed Data

  • MPLS

  • Private Line Services

  • VPLS

  • SD-WAN

  • Wireless



  • Firewalls

  • DDoS Mitigation

  • Content Filtration

  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)


  • Endpoint Security

  • Intrusion Prevention and Detection Services (IPDS)

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • Penetration Testing

  • Security Systems


  • Software-defined Perimeter

  • Retainer Services

  • Dark Web Threat Management

  • Application and Data Security

  • Analytics

  • Threat Intelligence


Good, bad or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology you are going to be left behind.
— Philip Green


How it works

FRFG Consulting takes a true, customized approach when working with clients.

It all starts with an initial assessment of your environment. We want to know what challenges you’re faced with and what you are looking to achieve.

And then we take it from there, we source and identify a solution and provider that meets your desired business outcomes.

We handle all of the time-consuming, small details on your behalf, such as contract negotiations, contract creation, project management support so you can focus on growth.

FRFG Consulting does not charge any fees for partnering with us. You don’t pay us, the suppliers do. Our only concern is making sure you have the right technology solutions to succeed.

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